Terms Of Repair

On completion of the initial PC or Laptop / Notebook fault investigation I agree to pay the applicable fees.
All devices booked in require a diagnostic to allow us to correctly repair the fault. All diagnostics are charged at £35.00
The diagnostic fee is waived if we carry out the repair work as found in the diagnostic
I have backed up my data and aware that Derbyshire Computer Services LTD (Hereby known as “DCSL”) are not responsible for any loss of data.
If devices are left with Derbyshire Computer Services after 30 days of the invoice date, a £5.00 a week storage charge will be accrued as well as any outstanding monies owed on previous invoices.
I understand that if my device remains un-collected for more than 3 months from the date of work completion, I hereby grant DCSL ownership of my device and any future claims to my device or any data stored on it will not follow.
I understand that after ownership has been granted to DCSL, any and all data on my device, including documents, pictures, music and videos, will undergo permanent deletion and once this has been done, there is physically no way to get this data back, in the interest of data protection.
Once ownership has been granted to DCSL after the three-month period, any money owed will be deemed as ‘Paid’ as re-sale of my device will be used to cover outstanding debt.
No signature is required to form this agreement. By allowing your device to be booked in, you are deemed to have accepted these terms.
These terms will be shown to you whilst booking your device in. You have the right to not proceed to book in your device if you do not accept these terms.
Once your device is booked in and you have accepted these terms, you are unable to revoke your acceptance.
I agree that the fault description above is correct and I am happy to proceed.

“DCSL” Refers to “Derbyshire Computer Services LTD”

“I”, “My”, “You” and “Your” refers to “The Customer”